Ben Lilyestrom

Podcast Production. Consultation. Way Finding.

Sweet! You're going to launch a podcast...

Now what? 

It's easy to get lost in the sea of tech translation and content creation and my job is to help make your life easier. 

Full service podcast production, editing and support to simplify your life as a busy entrepreneur. 

Photo by Lauren Bodwell

Photo by Lauren Bodwell

I'm a husband, dad, outdoors kind of guy who loves exploring and pushing myself past my own perceived limits. My wife owns her own brand and business coaching company and has created a life-changing business over the last 5 years while raising our daughter at home.

In 2017, I retired from my police career to come home and help out with the businesses and to be more present with my family.

After supporting behind the scenes with Amber's podcast (now at 100K downloads per month!) for the last few years, I’ve begun to support clients in full service podcast production and editing.

I'm thrilled to share my skills with fellow entrepreneurs who don't have the space, time or bandwidth to learn how to be podcast producers, in addition to everything else that is required in growing a business from the ground up. My hope is to help make your life easier, while providing a professional and polished product that speaks to your audience and helps you grown your brand and business to new levels of impact.